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iGun Pro LITE - The Original Gun Application app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 1728 ratings )
Reference Entertainment
Developer: Crimson Moon Entertainment LLC
Current version: 5.19, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 03 Apr 2009
App size: 48.41 Mb

"THE MOST EPIC APP EVER!!!" 5/5 - lolislife

"Exquisitely Detailed and Animated" 5/5 -CooterConsumer

"Best Firearm App On The Market!!!" 5/5 - Avocad0

Get the #1 Gun Application Worldwide With Over 30 Million Downloads!!!
iGun Pro® lets you do everything from virtually reload, chamber, and fire your favorite guns, to learning about their history and specifications. From the amazing graphics to the smallest details and accuracy, you will not find a higher quality gun application on the AppStore.

• A huge library nearly 200 guns with more always being added.
• Customizable gun wall. Lay your guns out how you want them, on the ever expanding gun wall.
• Ultra-Realistic gun simulation including both motion blur and smoke
• Customize your shooting experience with adjustable recoil, motion blur, and slow motion
• See the full specifications sheet for each of the guns included in iGun Pro®
• Over 35 Updates already with no end in sight. New guns and features are always being added
• Developers who are always listening for what you want next! Give us feedback on our Facebook page at

A Small Sample of Guns Included in iGun Pro:
P90, UZI, Desert Eagle, MP5, M4, ACR, PPSh-41, M82A1 (Barret 50 Cal), Thomson, XD9 , AK-47, SVT 40, SAW, Browning Machine Gun, FN SCAR-H, GLOCK 18, M1 GARAND, M1911, MP40, AA-12 Automatic Shotgun, ACR + Many More! We are up to nearly 200 Guns Total!

iGun Pro is a registered trademark of Crimson Moon Entertainment LLC. the Crimson Moon Entertainment logo and name and the iGun Pro logo are all trademarks of Crimson Moon Entertainment LLC and may not be used without explicit written permission.

Pros and cons of iGun Pro LITE - The Original Gun Application app for iPhone and iPad

iGun Pro LITE - The Original Gun Application app good for

I gun pro is fun cause i play war with my friends that have it and its really really fun
Again, could use some work on the sound of certain weapons, rates of fire use some work on the sounds of certain weapons. Definitely more choices of weapons. M240, M249 especially shortened, lightened versions. SPR and other sniper options. Think about combination pistol/ long gun combos that current soldiers might carry.
This app is cool but it lacks some feature like safety toggle double action mechanism on most of the pistols (besides the desert eagle and all of the revolvers) overall this app is great and I love it 
This game is pro because you get to fire weapons my favourite is the spas 12
Im Canadian and this is the close to real thing for and for the world
If they ever make a better one i will be surprised, but change it back to individual guns

Some bad moments

I installed this free version on my sons iPod Touch but then he was able to spend $20 on "Coins" by just one simple inadvertent click!? This is totally unethical and should not be allowed/banned!
The other version from vanilla breeze was WAY BETTER than this piece of s.
This app is good ig but not as good as the new version and the one that I have is no fun at ALL so if you decide to get an app like this I prefer the one that is hd or something like that lol all ig it is boring a little bit much and thats all I have to say so peace out my peps ✌️✌️✌️