iGun Pro LITE - The Original Gun Application App Reviews

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Belle reconstitution tout y est ! Bravo .


Nice app... Keep the job !!!


Good App. Im very fond of it


Top App

Gun app

This app is great get it get it now


This app is awesome, I love it


I gun pro is fun cause i play war with my friends that have it and its really really fun

Asmazing Seriously !!!!!

Omg omg omg omg soooo coooool !!!!!

iGun pro lite

Thats was cool

Good game

It passes the time

IGun Pro

Again, could use some work on the sound of certain weapons, rates of fire use some work on the sounds of certain weapons. Definitely more choices of weapons. M240, M249 especially shortened, lightened versions. SPR and other sniper options. Think about combination pistol/ long gun combos that current soldiers might carry.

I like this app

This app is one of my best apps I had yet

Igun pro

This app is cool but it lacks some feature like safety toggle double action mechanism on most of the pistols (besides the desert eagle and all of the revolvers) overall this app is great and I love it 

Igun pro

This app is good for rage quit


Niyitihuruu maska Totally Awsome


I installed this free version on my sons iPod Touch but then he was able to spend $20 on "Coins" by just one simple inadvertent click!? This is totally unethical and should not be allowed/banned!

IGun pro

I enjoy this app


The app told me to write a review, so, here it is

Gun for fun

Epic gun app. Great for pranks and other stuuf


Nice app! Very realistic

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